The Facts

According to the CDC, approximately

133 million Americans (45%) have at least one

of the following chronic diseases: 

- Diabetes
- Heart disease
- Asthma
- Osteoarthritis


Chronic disease related to lifestyle account

for 75% of the nations’ medical cost,

which is now over 2 trillion.


According to the same survey, lost productivity

due to poor health practices cost

employers 2 to 3 times MORE

than healthcare claims.




Need we be reminded who is paying

for most of these debilitating expenses?


  Workplace Health Benefits are

crucial for a thriving business.


Population health management is

no longer an option for an organization,

but a necessary component of doing business.


As more employers have realized this

need over the last three decades,

an increasing amount of worksite wellness

programs have emerged as a solution. 


The GSI Benefits workplace wellness

programs are designed as a multi-tiered

platform based on the small, midsize

and large group’s needs. 


Unlike the many One-Size-Fits-All programs,

GSI’s platform is designed, implemented,

measured and evaluated to align with your vision,

culture and most importantly, your people.  


The resulting benefits:

·       - Boosting productivity and moral
·       - Mitigating rising health care costs
·      - Decreasing absenteeism and turnover
- Creating a work culture that supports and values your people

GSI Benefits will partner with your organization

to effectively build a culture of health and engagement

by employing the following crucial components:


·  - Evaluating Employee Interest
- Establishing Effective Programing
·      - Periodic evaluation and measured outcomes
- Evaluating current and projected wellness culture
- Developing Executive and Leadership Commitment
·       - Establishing monetary and non-monetary incentives
- Developing a Strong Wellness Committee among your organization

Let GSI ‘s dedicated Wellness Specialists guide

and support your organization’s success.